Hello, I am Shin!

Proudly made in Malaysia, currently based in Singapore.

This is my workstory.


I am a Bachelor's Degree holder in Film and Animation, graduated from Multimedia University in 2009.

Recently, I have completed an intensive one year course from Copenhagen Institution of Interaction Design in Costa Rica with a focus in life-centered-design.


work experience

For the past 10 years, I have worked in broadcasting company, independent design studio, production & post-productions studios.  I used to handle projects related to 2D/3D visual designs, character animations, VFX, explainer videos, commercials and visual brandings. My responsibilities often cover animating or managing the execution of a creative production and post video-making pipeline.

2 years ago, I ventured on a self-employed journey and started taking projects on a freelance basis. I am grateful to have met various amazing creative teams to collaborate on projects for different sectors, including tech companies, government agencies, corporates, banking, entertainment, branded marketing campaigns and events.

design tools

My creative juice flows easily in Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma and I'm pretty adaptible to any other creative visual softwares.

While still experimenting in Fusion360, Arduino and C4D, I enjoy physical building skills that explores various mediums. Laser cutters and neon plexiglasses are my current favourite.

When it comes to brain dumping ideas, I love sketching on the good ol moleskine because that tangible friction between the pen and paper helps to ground my fleeting thoughts.

creative skills

I can play multiple creative roles ranging from conceptualizing, ideation, visualizing, storyboarding, art-directing, storytelling, animating and illustrating. I am also comfortable in producing and managing team projects. I'm happy with any roles that get to bring ideas into any form of reality.

I am currently exploring a blend of design roles in design research, opportunities finding, ideating and prototyping. I am always on the look out for quirky angles of a problem to prompt more unexpected interventions, because the world can be a little more playful than what it is now.

Efficiency is important in my processes and so are variety and change. I am constantly striving for a good balance of efficient workflow with ample wiggle room for design experiments.

area of interests

social and culture, human behaviour and technology, children/kidult's play, sustainability & welfare, futurism and speculative design, the strange and quirky

i can speak and write in

Mandarin (native) | English | Singlish | Manglish | Malay | Cantonese | 30% of Hokkien