i think about motion, interaction, play & being a funtastic human;

 therefore i design

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I see design as a mean to provoke, to humanize, and to play. 

These are some anti-portfolios that I had fun making 






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toy for 



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the cult

starter app

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a yelling


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twitter radio for seniors

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match making 


also some fun-sized idea experiments like


speculative & designing for ethics 

what data would you exchange for water?

urban design


monster go


machine learning

machine learning as an artistic muse

I love motion because it gives a sense of life, especially simple, delightful ones like these

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about the designer

Shin has been practicing her chops in visual narrative and After Effects magic for the past 10 years. As the attention economy got too overwhelming in the media industry, Shin joined Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design to relearn about what design means beyond visual senses.

Since then, she started using design as a practice to poke around the meaning of interactions between people, technology and nature. She hopes that one day she's able to create an interspecies empathy device so she can understand why her pug always barks at strange voids at the most random time.





that's leng-lui 靓女

who is very savvy at food detecting


My first robot powered by human motor and a button cell


Shin also learned about the fascinating power of play and believed in its potential of bringing out the best state of everyone. She's constantly looking for interesting opportunities that make this world a little quirkier so she gets to have fun in the process. If you're looking for someone who can inject some strange delight in a project, let's not be a stranger and feel free to connect for any potential collaborations!

call me maybe?

singapore +65 94226977  |  hello@shinanigans.fun

not an active social media person but if you really need to know

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